Tribute to Peg-Leg January 27, 2018

We did a nice tribute to one of our own in January.  Being that we couldn’t do a whole lot of riding due to weather, we decided to have a good breakfast and quick chapter meeting in Orem. After the meeting we drove up to Park City to honor one of our own that had entered the ranks of the Alfa Omega chapter.  Peg-Leg (Duane Mccarty) was a life member that had retired to Utah, after his passing we delivered his Alfa Omega memorial plaques to his daughter.  She was more than surprised, when 20 bikers showed up to her front door.  She was more than overwhelmed and thanked us very much for honoring her father.  We talked with her and learned his story, like where he got his road name and where he had served.  Peg-Leg was a veteran of the Vietnam war and loved motorcycles.  Until Valhalla brother.


CVMA Christmas 49-1, December 16, 2017

During the November meeting the chapter voted to do a clothing drive for the VA Home up in Salt Lake, where the members would purchase or donate new shirts, socks and other items to help the vets in the home.  During the drive Black Rifle Coffee donated 2 large boxes of coffee and 2 boxes of shirts to help with things.  The members all purchase several items and some even got others to donate large bags of items that we delivered to the home on the 16th.  After the donation was over we headed to the VFW to hold our chapter meeting and talk about the Christmas party that was going to be held at Jim Call’s place later that night.  We did some drinks, food and white elephant gifts and finished things off with some good stories and long tells of the past year.




November Rain and Beer, November 25, 2017

Well November was a little slow due to weather but we got the chance to raise a little money for RTZ at the Tanksgiving event that KBER 101.1 did at Writes Motorcycles.  It was a little cold and raining but in the end we had a nice turn out and had several chapter members brave the weather to help get the job done.  Later in the month we enjoyed some beer and games after our chapter meeting at Leatherheads Sports Bar and Grill.



Antelope Island Ride – October 28, 2017

What a great day, we had a good ride up to Antelope Island to check out the veteran’s memorial to have our chapter meeting, patch in three new members. David Blackmon, Nick Bright and Jeric Joseph.  We also had the official Ride to Zero check ceremony for the National Center for Veterans Studies, where they received the $35,000.00-dollar donation from the event that was held back in August. Afterwards we headed to the VFW in Ogden to hang out with the other chapters for some beer and pizza.



Green River Ride (Rock’s Route) – September 30, 2017

Our September meeting was held at Ray’s Tavern in Green River.  The route took us down to see Rock in the Orangeville cemetery where everyone could pay their respects.  We decided to name the ride Rock’s Route in his honor.  After we visited Rock, we continued to Ray’s Tavern for our chapter meeting, burgers and a beer.  We elected a new chapter treasurer and patched in one new member and then headed for home.


Third Annual Ride to Zero – August 26, 2017

Chapter 49-1, Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association

As most of you know, over seven thousand veterans take their own lives each year. As a veterans organization we could not stand ideally by as our brothers and sisters continue to hurt themselves.  This is why, for the third year in a row, we held Ride to Zero to raise money for the National Center for Veteran Studies suicide prevention program.

We are proud to announce that our community answered once again to help veterans by donating more than $34,000.00 dollars, making this year’s event a benchmark year for us.  Each year the level of support for this event grows beyond our wildest imagination and expectations. The number of people, riders and groups coming from hundreds of miles across the county to show their support is unbelievable.  As an organization we don’t have the words for what this level of support means to us.  We feel that saying thank you is not doing everyone and all the efforts justice. Truly to everyone that took part and helped make this event a success, thank you for your support!

Ride to Zero doesn’t just happen it takes sponsors, partners and hundreds of volunteers. People that go out of their way to help bring Ride to Zero to life and we would like to thank everyone for their support:

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners:

  • Steadman’s ATV – $2000 Silver level sponsor
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical workers – $2000 Silver level sponsor
  • Utah Bike Law – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • Albion Financial Group – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • Law Tigers – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • Salt Lake Behavioral Health – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • DSS Incorporated – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • Utah Chiropractics – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • Mike’s Tavern – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • Alpha Coffee – $1000 Bronze level sponsor
  • KBER 101.1 W/Mick & Allen – Partner
  • Sean’s Smokehouse BBQ – Partner
  • Legends Motorcycles – Host
  • Leatherheads Sports Bar and Grill – Host

One of the most amazing donations we received was from all the local media outlets and private social media groups that provided us with remarkable videos and photos.  We had everything from film crews, photographers and aerial drones covering the bikes coming into Legends Motorcycles, contestants taking part in the biker games, and people enjoying a good old fashioned hamburger from Sean’s Smokehouse BBQ.

When it was time for the opening ceremony Dan, from American Hitmen, played a mind-blowing rendition of the National Anthem, after the UVU ROTC presented the colors.  Dr. Bryan spoke about what this event means to him personally and how the money raised will help his organization.

The ride, well we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to ride a great ride.  Watching a mile plus of bikes go around Utah lake, snaking back and forth from hill tip to hill top, and back into Salt lake was an amazing sight.  To see the look on everyone’s face once we got to Leatherheads was well worth the 1000 of hours it takes to pull something like this off, “priceless”!

To the bands, American Hitmen, Penrose and School of Rock you guys all put on one hell of a show, we look forward to seeing you rock it out again next year!

Final words appreciation and gratitude:

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank all who participated again this year. We once again had over 300 registered participants and made over $34,000 to help prevent veteran suicide! We’re very fortunate to have so many people who are dedicated to helping veterans when they need it most. We want to give special credit to our CVMA brothers who rode in from:

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • Ogden, UT
  • Cedar City, UT
  • Cache Valley, UT

Please put August 25th, 2018 on your calendar and plan to attend the 4rd Annual Ride to Zero. The NCVS has the premier program in the U.S. for helping at risk veterans visit to find out how the money raised helps our veterans.


Summer BBQ July, 29 2017

What a great way to enjoy mid-summer, we started the day off with a chapter meeting to talk over the RTZ route and event details.  After working out the route details, we moved on with the election for our new chapter treasurer Dave.  To finish things off we held a quick patch ceremony for our newest member Scoot.  After the meeting, we all moved outside to look things over at legends where the event will start and worked out some of the planning details for the ride.  Next we geared up and headed out, the ride took us south around to Utah lake and stopping in Genola at one of the park’s just outside of town.  After a quick break, we headed back north on Redwood road to head over suncrest Dr. and down to Leatherheads sports bar and then on to the American Legends post 112 for the BBQ.  Once the ride was over we all headed inside to get out of the heat and have a cold beer and burger.  We started a new chapter tradition making the newest member handle the grill.  The summer couldn’t get any better than this!  Thanks to all that could make the ride.



Heber Car Show  – June 24, 2017

Was a great day to ride up Provo canyon; first we took a southern route down to Utah County to pick up those guys, then headed around to Heber so we could set up our RTZ booth and pass the word about this year’s event in August.  Wasatch Chevy’s has been a great supporter for us every year at the car show by reserving us a great spot for our booth.  We lined up the bikes for all to see and held a quick chapter meeting letting everyone know what the plan is for the chapter and RTZ.  We also patched in three new members from around the Salt Lake and Utah County area.  Later in the day the people that host the car show honored us with a flag ceremony for to show their support for veterans.  All in all was a great day, we took in over $400 in donations and got several people to register online and some of us even won a prize.


Armed Forces Day Ride May 20th, 2017

So we had a great time Saturday riding with the American Legend guys and helping them with their event that helps sponsor veterans in the area.  We started out with our chapter meeting at the American Legend post to swear in our new chapter secretary along with 3 new chapter members.  Once chapter business was done, it was on to breakfast with the American Legend guys and gals getting ready for the ride.  We did a great ride out around 5 mile to Camp Floyd and back around to Tooele.  The ride ended back at the post for some good cold beer and music from a local band.  All in all was a great day to ride.





Time to Ride BBQ & Ride  April 29, 2017

What an epic weekend for a chapter meeting and spring BBQ/shootout.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  We did a Friday ride down to Mt. Pleasant where most stayed the night and did a big bonfire.  The other members that could make it Friday road down Saturday for the chapter meeting.  We talked about Nationals in May and had our chapter elections.  We held our chapter elections for Commander, PR Officer and Chapter Secretary.  After the meeting we headed down the road for our BBQ and shootout.  After the fun some headed back home and others kept the fire going with taking in beer, music by Penrose, and good times at the local watering hole, but as all good things, the weekend ended with a ride home and back to the grind of the world.